Social Security Disability

Social_Sec Social Security Disability(SSD) was intended to help maintain a household’s income level or lifestyle if the primary wage earner is permanently disabled from working or dies. If you, a child or a loved one is being denied benefits, contact us immediately as the time limits for back benefits is short.
Already denied SSD?- over 65% of all claims for SSD are.  However, we get over 80% of rejected claims overturned!
Get the benefits you are legally entitled too! Call today!

Social security cases fall into two classes: social security disability (SSD); and social security income (SSI). Broadly speaking SSD is applied for when you have a work history and you can no longer do any form of meaningful work because of an injury or illness. SSI is applied for when you have an injury or illness and can not work and satisfy the requirement of essentially being impoverished which translates at the time this writing to having total assets less than $3,500.00. An  example, though horrible in fact, is a child born without any eyesight will qualify for SSI.

Social security claims live and die on medical records – it is crucial the client follows through on medical testing to prove the validity of their claims.  Our clients are given guidance continuously through the life of the claim. There are many Michigan Social Security Disability attorneys – consider Cantarella & Associates for our 3 decades of representation, of folks just like you. Make that free phone call today.

An article on Federal Disability Insurance, from an attorney’s education newsletter.  Disability Insurance.

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