Whether an automobile accident, a slip & fall at a store, an attack by a neighbor’s dog or some other injury, it is important that all sources of benefits and insurance coverage are sought out. <br>UpOnLaw.com has collected millions of dollars in benefits and legal settlements for their injury clients. We’ve even created new case law![break][/break]Studies repeatedly show: people represented by a competent attorney receive bigger settlements. Call today!  More…  [/one_fourth][one_fourth]

Michigan is a hard-working State, and we have great laws to help workers get compensated for injuries that occur on the job.  But the rules have been tightened<br> If your benefits are being delayed, your position is being threatened, you are being offered unsuitable work or a drug test is being used as an excuse for denying your benefits –  you need us on your side! Call today!  More… [/one_fourth][one_fourth]

Social Security Disability(SSD) was intended to help maintain a household’s income level or lifestyle if the primary wage earner is permanently disabled from working or dies. If you, a child or a loved one is being denied benefits, you need to contact us immediately as the time limits for back benefits is short.<br>Already denied SSD?- over 65% of all claims for SSD are however we get over 80% of rejected claims overturned! Get the benefits you are legally entitled too! Call today!  More…[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]

This economy is hitting hard-working American’s below the belt – directly in the wallet!  Bankruptcy laws are designed to let you start fresh, without having to lose everything you worked for.[break][/break][break][/break]Washington gave the fat cats at the auto companies and banks a “get out of debt card” .  Well there’s one for you too<br>Keep your car, keep your house – lose the debt!<br> Call today! More…[/one_fourth_last]

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UpOnLaw.com is the online presence of the Law Firm of Cantarella & Associates, P.C., located in Pontiac, Michigan.  Cantarella & Associates, P.C. has a state-wide network of affiliate law firms who are very qualified to help you in any legal matter, beside our 4 main areas of personal injury, Worker’s Compensation, Social Security Disability and Bankruptcy.  More….
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Attorney John Cantarella
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Firm founder John Cantarella has been a Michigan licensed attorney for over 30 years. He and his associates are all licensed and insured -many attorneys are not! Affiliated law firms are carefully selected using a criteria of excellent case and trial results, few client complaints and high standing in their local, legal community.John also has a blog where he writes about health, legal matters, life,etc. www.johncantarella.com


Whether it is a personal injury, a Social Security claim or the filing of a bankruptcy, it is always in your best interest to get legal representation as soon as possible, to maximize your return or cut your losses.


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