About Our Firm

Firm Mission

Cantarella & Associates, P.C.’s mission is to provide high quality professional services that satisfy the needs of our clients. Our commitment to the diverse community in which we serve has allowed us to sustain relationships and become a catalyst for growth and development.

Our number one goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients by providing top notch legal representation. We promote an atmosphere that encourages our associate members to take on a leadership role in the community. While our accomplishments over the past few decades have been great, we continue to strive to improve our services to our clients and to become an intricate part of the community.

Firm History

Cantarella & Associates, P.C. was founded by John J. Cantarella on November 16, 1983.  We offer professional legal services that cater to the various needs of our clients. We recognize the individual needs of our clients and work to guarantee satisfaction with our services.

Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to increase our client base and offer the kind of service that is of the highest quality. Our many years in business have given us the skills to rapidly respond to our client’s needs. Cantarella & Associates has over 20 years experience in the legal profession. Our goal is to show excellence and expertise in dealing with a wide range of diverse legal matters. We continually keep abreast of changes in the laws that affect your legal standing.

Our primary practice areas include: Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability claims. The firm only represents individuals, who often have claims against other individuals, companies, or the government.

Importantly, unlike over the half the attorneys in the State of Michigan, WE ARE INSURED! This is not a mandatory requirement to practice law in Michigan. We pay for it to protect you which is one more reason, amongst so many, you can be comfortable with your choice of Cantarella & Associates, P.C. as your law firm. For decades we have been there bringing justice to one person, or family, at a time.

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